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Install Servers through Webmin

Written by: on 05 July 2012 12:35 PM 05 July 2012 12:35 PM

Learn steps on how to install servers Apache or MySQL through Webmin. An easy tutorial for any new learners.

To use Webmin to install various servers and modules:

  • Go to http://YOURIPADDRESS:10000/
  • Accept the certificate warning
  • Login using the username: root
  • Password: your VPS password
  • Click on 'Un-used Modules' on the left hand panel
  • Click on the module you wish to install (for example MySQL Database Server)
  • Click on the 'click here' to have it download and installed using APT.

This will download and install the package you selected.

Once this is complete you will be able to configure the server:

  • Click on 'Servers' on the left hand panel
  • Click on 'MySQL Database Server'

Configure the server in any way you like. For help configuring individual servers using Webmin see:

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