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How to Add Additional Services to Your Existing VPS

Written by: on 03 July 2016 10:58 AM 03 July 2016 10:58 AM

Find how to add additional services to your existing VPS on VPSBlocks. A step by step tutorial for self learners.

To add additional services to your existing VPS:

Login at using your email address and password

Click the 'Modify' tab

Select the name of the VPS you wish to modify from the drop down list box (it may take a few seconds to load after you do this)

Click on 'Upgrade/Downgrade Options'

Here you can choose to add additional services or increase resources to your existing VPS.

* If items already have values, these are the current items already added to your VPS. Removing them or setting quantities to 0 will remove them from your VPS.

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