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Our Redundant Cloud

Redundancy ensures your VPS uptime

RAID Storage

RAID Storage (standard)

RAID storage means when a disk fails in our fast SSD/Flash arrays there is no effect to your services. We simply replace the disk, data is automatically rebuilt to it. Your VPS continues to run while the disk is being rebuilt as normal. Our RAID arrays can suffer multiple hard disk failures without loss of data. We run 100% SSD or Flash RAID 10 on our high availability clusters, and 100% SSD RAID 10 on our regular VPS services.

Self-Healing Failover

Self-Healing Failover  (High Availability)

In the event that the physical computer your VPS is running on fails, our systems detect this and automatically mount your VPS on another available computer, then they automatically point your IP address to the new system and your VPS is brought back online in the exact state it was when the failure occurred.

This is fully automatic using Hyper-V clustering technology. We can do this because all VPS data is stored on our Fast SSD Raid array.

Using traditional methods when VPS or dedicated server data is stored on local drives it can take hours to physically move the drives to another system, mount and reconfigure.

DVD LibraryLimit Scheduled Maintenance

Limit Scheduled Maintenance

There is another fantastic benefit of self-healing failover (high availability). Our advanced virtualisation system enables us live migrate your VPS to another physical server, or to another storage SAN with zero downtime or impact on your service.

This means that if we need to perform maintenance on a physical machine (updates, hardware changes etc.) we can simply live migrate your VPS seamlessly elsewhere and the maintenance has absolutely no impact on your services.