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How Much Resources Do I Need?

The resources available to your VPS are CPU/RAM/SSD Disk and SATA Disk. Determining how much you need depends on the purpose of your VPS. We've listed the most common ones here.

Linux Systems

Linux systems in general

Linux systems can run well on anything from 512MB of RAM plus. So small resources are generally fine if you are using a linux system for development purposes. If you are running specific applications you would want to tailor resources to the application you require. For example a large MySQL database server you would look at 4GB RAM and 4 CPU Cores (ensure your developer configures MySQL properly to use available RAM).

Windows Systems

Windows systems in general

Windows systems tend to use more RAM than linux. We provision Windows servers from 1.5GB RAM and up. If you only have 1.5GB of RAM on your Windows VPS it may have issues running multiple applications. You can always upgrade resources as required, but as a general rule we would recommend 2GB of RAM minimum for a production server. If running MS Exchange you would want 8GB RAM and 4 CPU Cores, an SQL server needs a minimum of 4GB of RAM and 2 CPU Cores.

Website Hosting

Hosting websites

Hosting only a few websites on a cPanel server you should only need 1.5GB of RAM and 1-2 CPU Cores. If you intend to use it to sell hosting and host many websites you would want to look at 4GB of RAM and 2 CPU Cores minimum. For a Windows webserver 2GB of RAM and 2 CPU Cores is a good start. You can always upgrade resources at any time.

Forex Trading Application

Runing a forex trading application

If you intend to run a forex trading system on a VPS, you will require the operating systems Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012 or Windows 2016. We would recommend a VPS with 2GB of RAM and 2 CPU Cores. You can also order our predefined MT5 servers.

Virtual Desktop

Using the VPS as a virtual desktop

The resources on a Windows virtual desktop changes depending on the number of simultaneous users and applications they will be running. Generally you would want to look at atleast 2GB of RAM. If you are just looking to use a VPS for browsing the web you should also consider Ubuntu Desktop which will run fine with as little as 1GB of RAM.