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Our Network

Network redundancy and DDOS protection

Network Redundance

Network Redundancy

VPSBlocks network includes feeds from Telstra, Optus, IINET/TPG, NextGen, IX and PIPE. This ensures maximum network efficiency and minimal downtime if any routes are disrupted due to provider issues.

BGP routing ensures that your connection always takes the shortest route, selecting the best path through our network partners from your location.

 DDOS Protect

DDOS Protection

99% of DDOS attacks originate from outside Australia. We route all our incoming traffic through a DDOS scrubbing centre device by our upstream network provider. This is an inline service to ensure minimal latency.

The scrubbing service inspects and scrubs traffic and ensures that only clean legitimate traffic reaches our network.

As an added layer of protection we operate FortiDDOS by Fortinet for our internal DDOS protection and mitigation.

Hardware Firewall Rules

Hardware Firewall

We offer free of charge the ability to create your own firewall rules. These rules are entered into our incoming firewall to prevent hackers from scanning your VPS for potential vulnerabilities.

Our control panel enables you to make changes to your hardware firewall rules in real time protecting your VPS. For added security you should also configure and run the local firewall on Windows and Linux VPSs.