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Rebuilding Apache through cPanel for Best Performance

Written by: on 07 September 2012 08:51 AM 07 September 2012 08:51 AM

Follow simple instructions to rebuild Apache through cPanel for best performance. A quick guide for fast learners.

To rebuild Apache through cPanel follow these instructions:

  • Login to WHM as Root and follow the path
    Main >> Software >> EasyApache (Apache Update)
  • Select radio button "Previously Saved Config" and click on start customizing based on profile
  • Select Apache
  • Select PHP 5 (latest version )
  • Click on Exhaustive Option list
  • Find eAccelerator & mod_fscgi and ensure both of these are checked
  • Select any options you require, then click on save and build 
  • Wait for the build to complete (it takes about 15 minutes, hit refresh to check it's progress)
  • You will be prompted to choose your PHP module, select mod_fcgi

If you are running a MySQL based site, we have seen good speed improvements by enabling mod_fcgi and eAccelerator (note you also have to select mod_fgci as the PHP interpreter - you are asked to select the PHP interpreter after the rebuild is complete).

If you enable eAccelerator, you should also make this modificiation:

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