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How Much Can I Make Reselling?

Written by: on 01 August 2022 12:26 PM 01 August 2022 12:26 PM

This articles tell how you can earn money by reselling VPSBlocks unique and fantastic products

When you resell for VPSBlocks you not only get to sell a unique and fantastic product, you can also make quite a lot of money. As one of the only providers of NVME/Flash based VPS Cloud services in Australia you can mark up our prices and still make good sales.

A good example is if you sold a single 2 block Linux VPS to your client at $80 per month.

Yearly Income: $960
Yearly Cost: $597.60

Total Profit: $362.40

Now, consider you have more than 15 active VPS clients with VPSBlocks, you then get a discount on all of them of 20%.

Yearly Income: $14400
Yearly Cost: $7171.20

Total Profit: $7228.80

As you can see, by signing up clients through VPSBlocks reselling system you can make a substantial amount of money without any capital outlay or virtualization expertise.

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