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Importing a Large MySQL Database

Written by: on 13 July 2012 02:48 PM 13 July 2012 02:48 PM

Learn how to import a large MySQL database today online. An exceptional online selfhelp tutorial. Learn Step by Step.

If you have a large MySQL database you need to import, you cannot import it via PHPMyAdmin as there is a 2MB limit.

Upload your database file (WinSCP is a great program for transferring files to a Linux server, grab it at:

Login to SSH (we recommend using Putty)

Find your uploaded database file and enter the following command (entering the correct database name and sql dump file name and location):

mysql -u root -p DATABASENAME < SQLDUMPFILE.sql

If you have uploaded a ZIP of your MySQL dump, you can unzip it first with the command:


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