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Getting Started With cPanel & WHM

Written by: on 02 March 2020 04:24 PM 02 March 2020 04:24 PM

This tutorial will help you to get started with cPanel and WHM. Follow the installation process step by step and setup it easily.

When you order a cPanel plan you receive a VPS with the default cPanel and WHM installation.

  • WHM is the web host manager which you use to admydminister features and permissions available to cPanel users.
  • cPanel is where you setup your actual websites, email addresses, dns zones etc.

The first thing you need to do is access your WHM installation and complete the setup.

Browse to https://203.143.x.x:2087/ to setup WHM.

Please read: which outlines the initial setup process.

Very Important Notes (read before completing the WHM setup)

After Setup

Once you have run the initial setup process, you need to create or modify the default packages. On the left hand side find 'Packages'. Edit or Add your own setting features as required. If you are hosting your own website you should edit the 'default package' and give yourself ALL features.

Then you need to add an account. Select the Account option on the left hand panel. Set your permissions and features. For help see:

Once you have created your cPanel account, you can login to cPanel at: https://203.143.x.x:2083/

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