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Installing libsodium on cPanel servers

Written by: on 12 March 2021 02:12 PM 12 March 2021 02:12 PM
If you are running the latest version of Magento or need to install libsodium for another reason this is how to go about it.

1. Login to WHM  and go to 'Terminal'.
2. Type: yum -y install libsodium libsodium-devel
3. Once that has installed go to WHM -> Module Installers
4. Select your PHP version at the top, and type: libsodium in the install a PHP PECL box then hit 'Install Now'.

That's it. It will now list libsodium as installed for your PHP version, and it will be accessible.

If it's not immediately detected by your Magento installation you may need to restart Apache to make it active. This is done in WHM -> Restart Services -> HTTP Server (Apache)
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