CentOS 6 is EOL (end of life) on November 30 2020. This means that it will no longer be supported in any manner after this date. It is imperative that prior to this you have upgraded your cPanel server to CentOS 7.

In-place upgrade

An in-place upgrade updates your underlying system to CentOS 7 and associated cPanel services to the cPanel CentOS 7 repository version. This keeps your settings intact and requires no migration.

The main advantage here is you do not need to do anything, just provide us your server details and we'll do the in-place upgrade for you. As no migration has occurred settings still exist, and there is no risk of losing email, orders or website updates.

The disadvantage is that there will be a period of approximately 1 hour when your server is likely to be unavailable while packages are installed and updated. This can of course be scheduled when you book in using our calendar based booking system to minimize impact to your clients.

To book in an upgrade please go to https://centosupgrades.com/ and use the book now button.

This is free for VPSBlocks clients.