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Downloading your virtual hard disk

Written by: on 01 August 2022 12:24 PM 01 August 2022 12:24 PM

If you have a VPS that you wish to download the virtual disk for, you can do that directly through the portal.

Portal Login Explained

If you login to the portal website using your email address and account level password you can administer all your VPSs, change account details, place new orders etc.

If you login to the portal website using your VPS username and VPS password you will only have access to manage a single VPS, no mention of VPSBlocks is made, and no ability to modify your account or order services.

How to download your virtual hard disk

Important notes:

  • You can only download the VHD if your VPS is stopped. During the download you cannot start the VPS (as the virtual hard disk is in use).
  • You can only download your primary NVME/Flash disk, you cannot download your SATA disk (SATA disks are meant solely for backup purposes).

1. Login to the using your email address and password

2. Click on 'Virtual Machines'

3. Shutdown the virtual machine in question. This is best done from within the VPS operating system itself. When it is shut down you will see the Status of the virtual machine as 'Stopped'. A download link will appear in the 'SSD(GB)' column.

4. Click the download link and the download will begin. Note this download is not resumeable as it a direct stream download.


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