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What happens if I exceed my bandwidth?

Written by: on 01 March 2017 08:55 AM 01 March 2017 08:55 AM

Bandwidth Usage Reporting

We monitor bandwidth at the NIC level. Your monthly bandwidth allowance is calculated based on a calendar month.

You are alerted via email if:

1. You exceed 10% of your monthly bandwidth allocation in a single day.

2. You exceed 80% of your bandwidth.

3. You exceed 100% of your bandwidth.

If you exceed 100% of your bandwidth we do not shut down your VPS. We alert you, and it's up to you to stop your VPS if you do not want to pay overages. You can stop your VPS or Suspend it at any time through the control panel, see:


Bandwidth Overages

Bandwidth overages cost $0.50 per GB and are charged on a separate bandwidth overage invoice on the first couple of days of the month.

If you exceed your bandwidth and believe you will continue to exceed your bandwidth, you may wish to increase the bandwidth on your plan. This increases your regular monthly spend, however, the cost is just $0.25 per GB. You can increase your plan after receiving the notification of 100% bandwidth usage without penalty as long as it's prior to any bandwidth overage invoice being issued.

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