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Change Outgoing Mail IP Address

Written by: on 02 March 2020 04:25 PM 02 March 2020 04:25 PM

You can change the server's IP address if you have SPAM issue for sending email. An easy tutorial to learn step by step.

If you are using cPanel and have had an issue with SPAM and your main IP address is blacklisted you can change the outgoing mail IP address to your secondary IP.

Firstly, you need to be 100% sure that your server is no longer SPAMming. Check the mail queue on your server:

Secondly, you need to have fixed the script or SMTP password that allowed the hacker to send SPAM in the first place. This involves finding and removing any script used to send email, ensuring all versions of CMS (wordpress/joomla etc.) are up to date, as well as all plugins for that CMS. This is extremely important. If they sent emails through an SMTP user, you should immediately change the password for that SMTP user.

Under no circumstance will VPSBlocks issue you a new IP address if your IP addresses are banned or blacklisted.

Now that you have secured your server you can change your outgoing SMTP IP address in Exim. To do this:

SSH into your server, see:

  • Type: pico /etc/mailips
  • Modify the line: *: 203.143.x.x
  • By changing the IP to your secondary IP address (you can find your IP addresses in WHM -> IP Functions -> Show IP Addresses)
  • Save the file by pressing CTRL O
  • Quit by pressing CTRL X
  • Type: service exim restart
  • Type: chattr +ia /etc/mailips

Your server will now use the IP you specified as the outgoing mail IP address when connecting to external servers to deliver mail.

For full details see:





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