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Bandwidth Speed Explanation

Written by: on 23 July 2014 04:07 PM 23 July 2014 04:07 PM

We get asked regularly by prospective clients what speed is your bandwidth. In a data center (DC) networking environment it's not possible to answer this question. Networking in a DC is very different from a connection to your ISP.

We pay for bandwidth in MB (Megabit)/sec through multiple providers (for redundancy and best path). The physical links connecting the DC to the network providers are capable of many hundreds of MB/sec and higher. They are limited at the provider depending on existing contracts.

As an IT Service provider the most important thing from our end is that there is plenty of overhead (available bandwidth throughput) on these links. This will mean that there is no latency through the connections with our provider. VPSBlocks is a responsible provider and always ensure this is the case.

The actual speed you get is dependent on the slowest device between two points. Point A being your server, and point B being wherever it is sending data to or receiving data from. The theoretical maximum is 128 Megabytes per second as that is the speed of a 1GB link. More likely speed if you have a good internet connection ISP provided by your ISP is 1-2 Megabytes per second, this is entirely dependent on the route the data takes and if any switches or routers it travels through are saturated, rate limited or simply latency based on distance.

You can check your ping speeds by opening a command prompt and typing: ping

Note: a MB (Megabit) is 1/8th of a Megabyte.

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