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Installing NGinx on cPanel Servers

Written by: on 10 November 2017 09:53 AM 10 November 2017 09:53 AM

Learn how to install Nginx on a cPanel Server. Follow step by step tutorial to learn & apply.

To install NGinx on cPanel servers we recommend you use the product EnginTron available at 

This is a free plugin for cPanel.

    1. Login to WHM on your VPS
    2. Go to WHM -> Clusters -> Remote Access Key. Click 'Generate a new access key'
    3. See: for the latest installation instructions. It is very simple however, and at time of writing you need to login to your server via SSH and type:

      cd /  
      rm -f  
      wget --no-check-certificate  
      bash install



  1. For stats to work you need to adjust a setting in WHM to pass thru Nginx logs. To do that go to WHM -> Service Configuration -> Apache Configuration. Then click on 'Piped Log Configuration'. Check the 'Enable Piped Apache Logs' box and click 'Save'.

  2. Now login to WHM again and go to Plugins. You will now see the EnginTron Control Panel plugin. Click on it and ensure it is active. Test your sites to ensure they are working.

  3. Now go to WHM -> Plugins -> ConfigServer Security&Firewall
    Go to the ldf - Login Failure Daemon section and there is a drop down box which has csf.ignore selected. Change this to: csf.pignore then click 'Edit'
    Add the lines:

    Click 'Change'
    Click 'Restart LFD'

    This ensures you are not notified about nginx running constantly by the system.

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