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How do I change my stored VPS password?

Written by: on 26 March 2020 08:41 AM 26 March 2020 08:41 AM

This article explain how to change the password we store for your VPS. The password is used by VPSBlocks staff if they need to access your VPS for administrative or support purposes so it's best if you keep it updated if you change your root/administrator password on your VPS. This is also used by resellers clients to login to the portal website to administer the VPS only.

NOTE: This does not actually change the root or administrator password on your server, we have no access to do that. This just provides you a secure way to provide us with your current root or administrator password if you have changed it since provisioning so we can provide support.

Portal Login Explained

If you login to the portal website using your email address and password you can administer all your VPSs, change account details, place new orders etc.

If you login to the portal website using your VPS username and password you will only have access to manage a single VPS, no mention of VPSBlocks is made, and no ability to modify your account or order services.

To change your stored VPS password

1. Go to

2. Login using your email address and password

3. Click on 'Virtual Machines' on the left hand panel

4. Click on 'Manage' next to the VPS in question

5. Click on 'Modify'

6. Click on 'Change Password'

7. Enter your current root password as set on your VPS and click 'Save Changes'

This updates the our system securely so our staff can access your server if required for support or management purposes.


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